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What to expect

The first time we meet 

The aim of the first session is to establish what are the main concerns and what the individual and or family would like to achieve during the course of therapy. I ask a lot of questions to help me get a better understanding of the difficulties, how they developed and what is maintaining the problem.

  • When working with young people, I invite parents and the individual to the first appointment, but in some cases parents may prefer to have the first session without their child. This allows them to talk freely about the problem and ask any questions before they introduce me to their child. I am flexible about who attends the first session and adapt to best suit your needs. 

  • At the end of the first session, I formulate a plan of how we will work together with goals to work towards. I will  give an indication of the number of treatment sessions required or sign post you to other services or resources if that is more appropriate.​

  • In some cases, liaison with other professionals  such as your GP or school may be helpful, but I would seek your permission before making any contact or sharing any information.  

Confidentiality & Safety

All sessions are private and confidential unless I am worried about you/ your child's safety or anyone else. In these circumstances, I have a professional duty to share information with the relevant professionals, but unless there was a specific reason not to, I would always have a conversation with you about this first. 


Professional guidelines specify that all Clinical Psychologists must have regular supervision to review their clinical work. This ensures I maintain high standards and provide you with the best possible care. Information during supervision is anonymised and personal information is not disclosed.  

Data Protection

Confidential information, records and statistics about clients are stored in order to carry out my work effectively and safely. All records are kept securely and solely for my use and compliant with General Data Protection Regulation, May 2018.

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